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Metal Case Cellphone Signal Impacts Test

We are always trying our best to provide the most durable but still sleek protective iPhone cases, all our metal cases are iterated many times with so many efforts of our architecture, design engineers and factory workers. We are so proud we can provide this kind of high quality of cases to our customers.

Because our "metal ring" effects, our metal cases has some cellphone signal impacts, but based on our tests, the impacts are totally can be safely ignored, will not impact the use of your cellphone calling.

We tested two of the American carriers, Verizon and T-mobile, and select the place where signal are very bad (the signal bar is 1-2 of 5).

Our methodology

1. Enable "iPhone Field Test Mode", which will show the precise signal strength with a minus number (the nearer to 0, the stronger signal).

2. Compare with signal # with and without iNACU case on iPhone

Test Results

1. T-Mobile Carrier Without iNACU Metal Case

2. T-Mobile Carrier with iNACU metal case. There is about 4/118 = 3% impact

 3. Verizon Carrier, without iNACU metal case

4. Verizon Carrier, with iNACU metal case, there are about 8/110=7% impact.

 Test Conclusion

From the test results we can see, the impact on signal with iNACU metal case is very limited. At the same time, with the metal case, we watched YouTube video for about 30 minutes on Verizon carrier, do not see any latency issue.

Most important, from the screenshots above, we tested in a very bad network environments, where signal strength < -100. (the closer to 0, the stronger the signal). So when user use iNACU metal case in a stronger network environment than what we tested in, the impact will be much smaller. User always can use their phone cellular service and data service, with and without iNACU metal case.



We are very confidence with out test methodology and test results, and we believe different network carriers and test environments will vary the results. But we still believe the impact can be ignored and there is no any clues which will weaken the signal to some bad level and impacts the cellular and data service. All our customer can be worry-free to use iNACU metal case.

If your carrier signal is very bad, e.g. signal strength in iPhone "Field Test Mode" is <-120 or worse, we recommend you to use some other alternative cases.


How to enable "Field Test Mode" on iPhone?  Please click youtube and find lot of related tutorials.