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iNACU® CM-1000 Magnetic Car Mount User Manual

Items in the Package:

  1. Mount base
  2. Mount magnetic plate
  3. Device magnetic sticker (big)
  4. Device magnetic sticker (small)
  5. Alcohol Pad
  6. 3M VHB round tape

Installation Steps:

  1. Use the alcohol pad which is included in the package, to clean up the back of your cellphone or tablet, and the connection point between the mount base and the magnetic plate; also use the alcohol pad to clean up the dashboard surface where you want to put the mount on.
  2. Peel off the 3M tape protective layer from the bottom of mount base, stick it to the dashboard surface where you already cleaned up in previous step. You need to press the mount to the dashboard for more than 10 seconds with at least 3KG force and wait 2 hours before use it.
  3. Attach the magnetic plate to the metal ball and tune it with comfortable angle for your driving.
  4. Peel off the protective layer from the magnetic sticker, stick it to the back middle of your cellphone or tablet, press it for 5-10 seconds.


  1. Dashboard surface where you want to install the mount on, must be smooth and plat, curve surface will impact the correct usage of our product, we do not recommend.
  2. Make sure the surface of dashboard and back of your cellphone or tablet is cleaned up before the installation.
  3. We recommend to use the product 24 hours after the installation.
  4. In cold weather, please use hot wind to warm the 3M tape before use it.
  5. To prolong the life time of 3M tape stickiness, we recommend to put and take off your cell phone or tablet from the base gently. We strongly recommend to use the other hand to press the magnetic base before you take off your device from it.


This product is safe for your mobile phone or tablet PC. The magnetic sticker included in this product won’t do any harm to your devices but we still strongly suggest putting all magnet sensitive items away from it, e.g. credit cards, cardiac pacemakers and computer storage disks. iNACU® is not to undertake the due obligations to any damage to them.

Make sure the car mount is firmly installed on your dashboard before driving, and immediately stop using it if it is not been correctly installed on your car’s dashboard. For your driving safety, we also strongly recommend you not to operate your mobile devices when you are driving. iNACU® is not to undertake the due obligations to any safety consequences.