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Finding Music in Summer

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Are you ready for Summer?  Splash in water and with non-stop music? 

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Finding music in Summer

MC-2000 Lighting full bumper with Music Booster Cutting start from $19.99 on Official Store, also available on Amazon store.




Also available on Amazon, great customer reviews, see how our happy customer says:

@Mike: I chose to evaluate this Bluetooth speaker for this seller, Honestly because I needed a replacement for my primary portable "project's around the house speaker." Which I use daily because I am a retired old man. My last one, well it just died and it was a pain to "pair. Each time I used it, or moved the phone out of range, I had to touch the speaker to press a button to hear music again.
My only requirement was I wanted a speaker with Bluetooth 4 protocol. When I got this speaker in my hands, I will say the sellers other evaluation photos do not do this speaker's looks justice. It a very sharp, detailed and a well-built device.
It paired almost by itself, and resyncs without any interaction. Very happy with how clear and loud this little gem can produce. The volume control buttons are multifunctional, so I had to read the instructions to figure them out. But all good now that I am educated. The battery life is as stated in the description.
It fits nicely into a golf cart drink holder too. Even though I got this at a discount, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a speaker with update protocols, with clear and loud sound.


@Peeps: This wireless waterproof blutooth speaker is amazing! What a big surprise in such a compact and lightweight nifty little case. The sound quality is great, as long as the volume isn't too high, otherwise it starts to blur a bit, but I never have my speakers on full blast anyway. The $39.99 price is very reasonable for this speaker. I have a Bose Mini SoundLink and paid $199 for it. The Bose sound quality is better than the iNacu but not by much. I love the fact that the iNacu is so light weight and easy to carry around, whereas the Bose is a heavy clunker in comparison. Also nice that the iNacu is waterproof! I tested it out next to my shower on the ledge of the tub and there was no issue with water splashing over it. Pairing to my iMac or iPhone is so quick and simple. Overall, I think this is a wonderful speakeer for anyone who is looking in this price range. It is sure to please!
@Rachael: This waterproof, bluetooth speaker is awesome. I have never had one before so I had no idea what to expect. I love the size of it. It is very small, compact and so portable. I also really like the way the speakers look. I got the blue and grey one and it is very sleek looking. To me, they feel very light.
It does need to be charged before the first use. It comes with a USB charger but not the piece that plugs into the wall. It charged pretty quickly, maybe 2 hours. The light on the top is red when charging. One charge for me lasted 2-3 days of very light use.
It is very easy to pair with another Bluetooth device. Just hold down the Bluetooth button on top of the speakers until a voice says that it is ready to be connected. Once you pair your device with the speakers, music will start playing. It is much louder than I thought it would be (because of the size). The speaker also works great for phone calls.
For the price and size, I think the sound is good. When you turn the volume up all the way, the speakers do vibrate. The volume buttons work great on this but you can also use your phone to change the volume (which is usually more convenient for me). Something to note is that if the volume is turned up all the way and you try to turn it up even more using the button on the speakers, it skip the song you are on and plays the next one.
I have taken these in the shower with me and they work great. I just set them on the ledge of the bathtub. Everything was fine. I did not submerge them in water or purposely get them wet. I wouldn’t recommend doing that with any electronics regardless of if they are waterproof. 
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Start from $19.99 + Shipping (FREE shipping purchase >$35)

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