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Acylic Glass Slide Full Cover

iNACU® MC-5000 iPhone 6/6S, Plastic Glass Slide Full Cover, Aluminum Metal Protective Frame | SKU: | UPC:

  • $5.99
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Streamlined design on the four-side frame with beauty shine.

  • Plastic glass back with hardness and shatterproof, to protect your iPhone from shocks and scratches.
  • Slide the back cover down to the metal frame end. Accurate technical design ensures an easy protection.
  • Available in multiple colors for the four-side frame. Tempered glass back has many color choices as well.

— Aluminum material four-sided outer frame provide lightweight, durability and supreme tough protection.

— Precisely manufactured for an exact fit; It completely encompasses all four sides of your iPhone, yet provides easy and accurate access to all ports and function buttons.

— Sophisticated design and metal feeling; it compliments the iPhone profile design.

— Features impact-resistant lining and aluminum metal protective outer shell which protects your iPhone thoroughly.

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