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No headphone jack on iPhone 7? Checkout iNACU wireless bluetooth speaker

Posted by Kira William on

      In the last apple event on September 7th, 2016, Apple announced a big change on the iPhone  “ It takes courage to kill the headphone jack, but it’s fine, because you can just connect to everything with Bluetooth!” Wow! An iNACU bluetooth speaker is definitely the best supplement for the new iPhone!



    The iPhone 7 has a second speaker for stereo sound, but when you hold the phone in a landscape mode, the extra speaker is right next to the FaceTime camera. The customer can hear only a bit of stereo separation when streaming The Force Awakens movie, and the iPhone 7 sound is louder than iPhone 6, but is far from enough.


      Let’s imagine: your kid is near his bedtime and needs music to calm him down, but you want some peace and quiet or even a simple nap after a busy day. Should you give your phone to the little ones so you can have a rest? Definitely no! Just turn on your iNACU bluetooth speaker, and click play music on your Phone.


    In other situations, we like a much louder sound than you have on your phone. For example, when you take shower, iPhone 7 is workable since it is water resistant. However, a much louder, like an iNACU waterproof bluetooth speaker works much better than your phone. Enjoy your time, this might be the comfiest part of your day.



     When cooking, in the gym, BBQing, camping…. a iNACU speaker is the best thing to have.


     Why iNACU is a best choice for a waterproof, wireless, and  portable bluetooth speaker.?

     Here is why:

    * Waterproof level: IPX5

    * NFC technology for easy pairing with any NFC ready bluetooth devices

    * Stereo: Hi-Fi with 5Wx2 high quality18 core speakers

    * Build in 1800 mAh PLB rechargeable lithium battery, 8-12 hours nonstop happy time

    * Portable size, light weight, not a heavy luggage to carry around

    * Unibody design with aluminum body, and silicon buttons.


      The data and specialized words look odd, but they are actually what built the high quality iNACU bluetooth speaker. For just $39.99, you can get a high quality, water proof, portable and lightweight bluetooth speaker.


      Click iNACU bluetooth speaker to get more detailed information.


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