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Ever Wonder Why An iNACU Phone Case is Best for You

Posted by Kira William on


Materials: an iNACU whole frame made by high quality aluminum, protects your iPhone from shock damage if dropped, furthermore, it gives your phone a great amount of protection from dings, scratches, and damage. 






Manufactory: all iNACU phone cases were manufactured by CNC (computer numerical control) machine, which means that it shapes the materials slowly and carefully into the appropriate design, in order for your phone to fit perfectly. All frame are in round D25 cutting corners and has a polished finish.





Design: the elegant design is matches your iPhone’s cool feeling. iNACU catches iPhone customer’s good taste to create these super cases. All cases extend iPhone’s aluminum body outlook, individual buttons that make turning the iPhone volume and on/off functions very simple. All other thoughtful designs are breathtaking, like laying on table, sound booster cut-out, anti-pull-off-hand curved angle or groove.




More Protection: materials are not the only thing that makes these cases protective, construction takes in a huge part too. The screws used on this frame, this kind installation makes a super strong, stable and hard safety. 






Inside Design: every iNACU case’s inner side surround by impact-resistant lining, which is hugging your iPhone in a soft and cozy environment. The delicate inside design also reflects in the inner side of all port, and are D25 round cutting and polished.





Reception: signal DOES NOT interfere with the case, a problem which is the most commonly complaint about aluminum cases. iNACU phone cases adopt signal protection design, use accurately production     technology, so that we ensure the your iPhone’s reception well.





Multiple color choices: each iNACU case style has a variety of color options for your selection. From classic-color silver to stunning-color red, there will certainly be a perfect case for you.





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