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Are Receiving the Best Sounds from Your Bluetooth Speakers

Posted by Kira William on

We are using smart phones and other such devices which require high sound quality. Everyone likes to have best sound quality to enjoy music or to enjoy phones calls. But the speakers of mobile phones are not reliable in that way. A small pocket device is good which allows excellent sound quality. Such device is only a Bluetooth device having light weight and excellent sound quality. 

Technology is making miracles day by day, and now we have many things which were only a dream in past. Technology has made it possible to get rid of extra wires and complex setups. Speakers are important, and they are used with many systems to provide entertainment. Not only entertainment, speakers are also used for educational purposes. Old versions of speakers needed long wires and complex setups.

The invention of Bluetooth speakers are a very good addition to the family of technology. There are many excellent features of Bluetooth speakers which make them unique than other speakers. A very good feature of Bluetooth speakers is that you can measure the sound quality, and how the size of a room affects the quality of the sound.

Bluetooth speakers are also compatible with android and iOS devices. There are few parameters to choose the best Bluetooth speaker. 

  • Form factor 
  • Portability
  • Durability 
  • Audio Quality 
  • Connectivity 
  • Price

Form Factor 

Many Bluetooth speakers are known to connect to PC or HDTV. The speakers which allows both PC, HDTV connectivity and Bluetooth connectivity are best. You must choose the speakers having both of these properties. 


Bluetooth speaker is best when it is portable. Most of the Bluetooth speakers have rechargeable batteries, and you can take them anywhere. Larger speakers which are designed for theaters etc are not usually portable or they need some continuous power supply for their function. But if you need the Bluetooth speaker for your mobile phone device, you must go for portable one. 


Bluetooth speakers must be durable because sometimes you have to take them out. Good quality speakers are resistant to splashes, drops, and gunk. The speakers with IPX ratings are water and shock resistant.

Audio Quality 

Since it is a speaker, a Bluetooth speaker device must have excellent audio quality. Big bass is not very important but the speaker must produce low frequencies without any distortion at high volumes. The clarity in sound is more important in a Bluetooth speaker. While looking for a Bluetooth speaker, you must check the audio quality of the product. 

IPX level Waterproof

Waterproof is very important for a portable speaker, especially been used in outdoor or swimming pool party, or when you want to enjoy little wet music in a small rainy day. Waterproof can protect your Bluetooth Speaker from water into its circuit and battery.


A Bluetooth speaker must be wireless. Wireless speakers are feasible to use and allow taking them everywhere. While purchasing a Bluetooth speaker, you must look its properties especially the connectivity. Some Bluetooth speakers are also there which are playing both the roles of Bluetooth device and Wi-Fi systems.


Price is very important thing to consider. The best product is one which has excellent quality and affordable price. A good Bluetooth speaker's price ranges from $35 to $700. A number of options are available in the market which helps to choose the best device on suitable price.

Bluetooth speakers are small in size and are light in weight. So they are easy to handle. You can enjoy the music in whole room, by putting the speaker in the middle of the room. If you put the speaker in the middle of the room, you will feel that it is making more bass, than it makes by putting on the table.  Its the time to talk about the new arrivals in the world of technology. There are new advanced level Bluetooth speakers available in the market.

Let’s talk about the best Bluetooth speaker i.e. iNACU NFC enabled IPX5 portable Bluetooth speaker.

This brand new Bluetooth speaker is the one from which you can receive the best sounds and can enjoy the music in excellent quality sound. This Bluetooth speaker is manufactured by INACU Company. This Bluetooth speaker is available with pairing wireless waterproof properties, having 5Wx2 18 cores HiFi Aluminum, Durable uni-body. It also allows 8-12 hours hands free call with the addition of echo cancellation.


  • This Bluetooth speaker is of high quality material and provides the best sound quality. Hi-Fi in addition with 5wx2 18 core speakers. 
  • It has echo cancellation property and allows hand free calls with acoustic echo cancellation technology. 
  • It is a water proof Bluetooth speaker with IPX5 water proof level.
  • The Build in 1800mAh PLB power allows the 8-12 hour continuous time
  • It has NFC technology and allows easy pairing with any NFC ready Bluetooth device.
  • The size of this Bluetooth device is 6.8 x 1.1 x 4.2 inches 
  • It is very light in weight i.e. 8.8 ounces 
  • It is a China based product with model no. BT-U221 
  • Its single Lithium ion battery provides the excellent power properties

This Bluetooth device has received 4.8 out of 5 customer ratings which is the sign of its excellent quality and user friendly properties. It is available on Amazon on very suitable rate i.e. $39 only. Customers can also enjoy the free shipping offers on Amazon. 

Now check your device, is it good? Does it have the best sound quality? If yes, then you have chosen the best one, otherwise follow our tips and buy the latest, advanced Bluetooth speaker. 


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