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Ways To Prep For iPhone Protection With Metal Cases That Work

Posted by Kira William on

[Contributed by Helena]

If you’re looking to protect your iPhone and make sure it won’t get any scratches, buying an iPhone protection case might be a great solution for you. But not all cases are equal so we’ll start by addressing the advantages of using a high-quality iNACU® metal bumper case.

With an iNACU® metal bumper case you get drop protection. No matter how careful you are, there's always the risk of dropping your phone and damage it. With a great metal case from iNACU® you can be assured a simple drop won’t damage your phone.

iNACU Tempered Glasses Full Cover Bumper Case
With a solid case, your iPhone will also be safe from the cosmetic scratches that most of the time you don’t even know how they appeared. 


But an iNACU® metal bumper case doesn’t protect just the scratches and the cosmetics. Even if you don’t really care that much about some scratches, without a protective case you might damage your camera or screen. And just a small scratch on the camera is enough to not be able to take any great pictures anymore.


A simple phone drop might even damage a button, and iPhone buttons are not cheap to replace. That’s another advantage in using a high-quality metal case to protect your iPhone. 

Another reason for keeping your iPhone pristine and protect is as much as possible by using an iNACU® metal bumper case is that it will do wonders for you in terms of resale value. A used iPhone that looks like new will get you much more money when you try to sell it than a regular iPhone with some wear and tear. So in the long term, the protective case not only protects your iPhone as it can even pay for itself.

iNACU® metal bumper cases are easy to assemble and to use. They are comfortable to hold thanks to the laser angled side frame cutting, and they are available in multiple colors. 

With so many colors to choose from you can personalize your iPhone and really make it stand out, and that's another benefit of using a solid iPhone cover.


iNACU® metal bumper cases are made of aluminum, not plastic. That ensures the durability and safety you’re looking for when you look to protect your iPhone. They really did a good job with the building quality, and if you have the chance of grabbing one you’ll notice the materials feel and look premium.


On the back of the case, there’s some leather that feels great and smells like real leather. 

But one of the best advantages of an INACU® metal bumper case is that it keeps the integrity of the iPhone and adds very few bulk to the phone. When you’re holding the iPhone with the case on your hand you barely notice it bigger or heavier than when you’re not using the cover. And that’s really hard to find in any smartphone covers. 


Style, protection and premium feel, are what really make a terrific iPhone case, and INACU® metal bumper case just ticks all those checkboxes.

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