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Inspried by one encouragerous idea, now started from the beautiful small

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It is so happy that Double Rainbow Trading LLC was finally formed at the beginning of the 2016. 

  1. “Rainbow” means bridge, which is to bridge one side to another side;
  2. “Double Rainbow” means our trading is double way, win-win solution;
  3. “Rainbow” also means the spirit of contract and mutual trust;
  4. “Rainbow” is colorful, which means we love diversity.

iNACU® is the registered trade mark in United States, focusing on consumer electronic accessories retailing.

Double Rainbow Trading LLC Launches iNACU®, an innovative electronic accessories brand

iNACU® is an electronic accessories brand by Double Rainbow Trading LLC based in California, United States that manufactures and supplies high quality electronic accessories  and equipment’s such as  portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, mobile phone protective cases, car dashboard mobile device mount in a variety of designs and styles.

iNACU® is working with a team of expert and knowledgeable staff who put surmountable energy and effort to deliver latest technologies, innovations in the electronic accessories industry delivering nothing but the best  products. If we read the brand name from right to left, it can be read as “U CAN!” And that is what the company believes in as their key vision. With its registered trade mark in United States, the company focuses on producing eminent and durable consumer electronic accessories retailing products and provides the same to users across all over the World. The brand endorses an exclusive collection of magnetic car mounts, tempered glass lock cell phone cases, leather cases, metallic cases, bumper covers, Bluetooth Speakers in Exquisite aluminium alloy cover and much more.

The unique selling point of the brand is that majority of their products are created using CNC technique. The CNC is Computer Numerical Controltechniques that are used to cut, to drip and to grind the metallic products with great precision and perfection. Owing to the use of best raw material, 100% pure metallic bodies and innovative technology the brand never fails to deliver its promise of highest quality, portability and durability of each products that makes these products stand out amongst the competitors in the Industry.

Although, on comparing the price tags of each of iNACU products with the similar products of various brands in the market, can sometimes be a bit on the higher range but this can be measured incomparable to the uncompromised quality and longevity of the products unlike other brands that are selling products available in cheaper rates and quality.


For more details and information on the brand and their products, checkout the website iNACU®.

Contact Details:

Company: Double Rainbow Trading LLC



Country: United States

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